Thursday, November 22, 2018

The Hierophant and the High Priestess, A Love Story?

The Hierophant (priest, pope, religious leader, a sage) and the High Priestess may seem like they're on opposite sides of the spiritual spectrum, but they actually work together. The Hierophant learns all the laws, religions, philosophies written by man, but it is the High Priestess who (further) inspires his quest for this knowledge and reasoning.

The High Priestess is connected to knowledge unseen, subconsciousness, dreams, other realms of awareness; she is in tune with energy, nature, and untappd wisdom. She does this innately, perhaps out out of her own devotion to knowledge and ambition for truth. She keeps to herself and keeps quiet because not many will listen nor understand. The closest to this state is the Hierophant. He sees her as his muse, he hears her, he attempts to understand, and translates these thoughts, ideas, and secret wisdom in a way that the layman can understand and believe in.

They believe in the same, though receive and have a different way of expressing the same principles and ideas. This is what makes them the ultimate combination, partnership, couple -- they compliment each other. This is unlike the Emperor and the Empress who live comfortably for show and appearances.They as royal figures take advice from the higher spiritual pairing, knowing they are protected as long as they listen.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Spiritual Beings Are All Female? What About Fredrick?

I was thinking... I find it interesting that anytime spirit guides or angels are talked about there is always this predominant connotation that they're female (or White). "Her flowing blonde hair, her gown, purity, and beauty. She was all these things." This baffles me. So there aren't any male spirits? What's up with that? That's not how energy works. Energy needs friction, a positive, a negative. Why wouldn't unseen energetic beings be apart of this same principle?

Crazy, but I think my main "guide" is a male energy. I also think he has an affinity for all things Irish -- which is why I named him Fredrick. If he really is a thing, I'm glad he's a guy. We balance each other out, I'm a girl, he's a dude -- it helps me to see things from the other gender's perspective.

Stay Blessed, Not Stressed

Monday, November 12, 2018

These Sad Beginnings.

I'm aware.

Used a shitty default theme for this blog. 

I'll change everything up when I decide to look/invest time in the html (always hated Blogger themes). 

Shout out to Geocities (Angelfire and Tripod), I remember those simple drag-editors ya'll had back in the day. We actually had to learn some coding to get things aligned/right. 


Gods in Color. I'll Sleep with Who I Want.

Spirituality, according to many White racial identitarians: all enlightened souls just continue to reincarnate as White people. This is why these master gods have currently kept a stronghold on Europe and their only modern known power is ranting about homogeneous reproduction on YouTube to a couple of thousand believers. Let me know how that works out for you in the long run. I'm just saying.

By the way, if this is true -- wouldn't have other peoples' found some loophole in your system by now? If being White is being a God, wouldn't have "Black, or "Asian," souls found a way in? As they do in every other system you tirade about them cunning their way into? There must be an Affirmative Spirit Program.

Eventually, we'll all be White and god-like if that happens, right?

I digress.

No hate on the White race, of course, but the "White Pride" sub-group has really stood out to me, personally. I find it laughable that any racial sub-group would insist or denounce any individual because of who they chose to fuck, date, or marry. So far, if we're going to look at it from your evolutionary standpoint -- none of you idiots are winning. People can, will, and should be with whomever they choose. Period.