Saturday, September 22, 2018

I Dream of Soup -- After-Sleep

Note about my dream entries: Most often, literally, written right after I wake up. I try (even then) to keep sentence structure, grammar, spelling up to par -- but my fingers have to type before I forget details. Sometimes I feel like my fingers aren't fast enough for my mind/brain/thoughts. It frustrates me.

I walked into what looked like a convenience store on a bright day. They had a soup special. I went up to the counter there were two people (a guy and girl) in this convenience store or restaurant? I asked the guy about their soup special. The guy looked Middle Eastern, young, hip -- very much Americanized. I couldn't really see/remember the girl's face -- it was blurry. I already felt confused why I was there, ordering soup at a corner store. I was even more confused when he and the girl at the counter looked at each other. He said, they had soup. I was so confused by what was going on. He came around from the counter with a tray with two meals. He walked past me and I immediately followed him -- still confused by what was going on. When I turned there were tables and chairs setup, a couple of kids sitting at one table gossiping and giggling (blurry faces). I felt like I was in on a joke all these people knew about. I've had a dream with this feeling once before in recent weeks (the one with the two kids I was taking to "school"). I sat at a table next to the guy. Looked down at my plate, looked at his plate, and wondered wtf this food was. It didn't look like soup. It looked like quinoa with green veggies, or something. He was still casual and cool. I, again, didn't understand what was going on, so I asked him. He reprimanded the kids at the table, about minding their business. I thought it was odd that the kids were there -- intent on our "conversation." Where did they even come from? Weren't they supposed to be at school? He began to "talk" as he ate. But, it was more as if I heard him without hearing his voice. He communicated something about this being "a transformation" happening in my (awake) "life." I immediately became aware and frightened by the "thought" that I was active or "aware" of myself having this conversation in this strange place. I woke up suddenly in bed, wondering what just happened, and having a feeling I just met a spirit guide. I had been asking to meet one for days. I think I did.